About Stanza

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Stanza was founded by a group of experienced SREs and developers passionate about reliability. Over the years we have learned that achieving great reliability is a multidimensional problem that sits at the intersection of tools, code, culture, and community. Invest in any single aspect, and you will get some improvement - but to get industry-leading results, you have to invest in all aspects. The trick is knowing how to start.

We created Stanza to provide the tools, coding platform, culture and community to give any organization industry-leading reliability.

The Team

Niall Murphy
Senior Neckbeard

Niall Murphy is an award-winning, best-selling author, speaker, industry leader, and executive. He has been working in Internet infrastructure since the mid-90s, in a variety of roles from systems, network, and software engineering, and ranging across individual contributor to director scope.

He is best known for the Site Reliability Engineering book and associated works.

He lives in Dublin, Ireland with his wife and two children, and holds degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Poetry Studies.

Blake Bisset
Product-Market Fitness Model

I got my first legal tech job at 16 & did 3 startups (including this one time a bunch of kids wondered why we couldn’t watch movies on the internet). None went bankrupt, & one we sold to Google for a slightly ridiculous pile of money after inventing a category & disrupting entrenched enterprise providers to take a majority market share.
I helped write some books, gave some talks, joined the SRECon Program Committee, & signed on as Head of Reliability Engineering at Dropbox. Then spent a few years in the reliability mines at Microsoft, where I owned the incident & problem management engineering teams for all of Azure, & served as Head of Production Infrastructure Engineering for Azure’s Air-Gapped & Sovereign clouds.

Joseph Bironas
Let's Wardley Map!

Joseph is passionate about how engineering, leadership, and infrastructure combine to shape reliability efforts. He spent years at Google where he wound up leading multiple automation and tooling initiatives.

He's held a number of roles from building infrastructure and SRE programs, to product and data software efforts, to bringing cloud modernization and reliability best practices to cloud customers.

When he's not thinking about software, and its impact on people, he's probably playing guitar, tinkering with strings of LED lights, or growing hot chilies and making sauces out of them.

Maggie Johnson-Pint
Co-Founder/Head of Product
JS dev who took a wrong turn into a room full of Linux admins.

Maggie started her career as a web dev in the Minneapolis local tech scene. Passion for developers caused her to become a maintainer of the popular JS library Moment and a contributor to the JS language itself.

Later, fate led her to Seattle and a role in Azure SRE, where she fell in love with the complexity and humanity of reliability problems.
After stints as a developer product manager at Microsoft and Stripe, she is thrilled to return to reliability engineering and head product for Stanza.

When not computer-ing, Maggie is passionate about baking pie, hiking, and training dogs for obedience competition.

Tiarnán de Burca
Tiarnán regrets his choice to wear a branded hat to the photoshoot.

Tiarnán has very little faith that anyone will read a bio hidden on the back of his photograph.

Tiarnán is an itinerant dancer with a technology habit. He's been in industry long enough to have made enough mistakes that he doesn't think they should be fatal. In a long career to date he's worked on four continents for hyperscalers and non-profits. From Google to Special Olympics World Summer Games, from Squarespace, to the ebola response in west Africa, Tiarnán has brought an enthusiasm for solving problems and a resignation that solving those problems will probably involve computers.

Laura Nolan
Human Factors Troll

Doing great engineering doesn't mean taking yourself seriously. Laura values whimsicality as much as she values clarity, precision, and learning.
Laura’s experience in operating distributed systems at scale ranges from data pipelines to edge networking, e-commerce, and messaging. She is hands-on and technical while also being involved in setting strategy. As a resilience engineering advocate, Laura is integrating human factors awareness in Stanza's designs, from the start.

Laura is a member of the board of the USENIX Association and volunteers with the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots. Laura lives in rural Ireland, where she is chief-of-staff to two demanding cats.

Matthew Girard
Slightly Rogue Engineer

Matthew is a SRE who has worked as a software engineer for over a decade and ended up with a healthy dislike of computers and clumsy automation.
He is obsessed with the concepts of reliability and resiliency and has spent the last 8 years specializing in internet networking, uncovering the hidden secrets and working with the fundamental building blocks (DNS! Anycast! TLS!) that have made the modern web possible.
He believes that anyone who has an above average interest in production issues can become a great SRE.
He loves gummy bears and lives happily tucked away in the woods of Asheville, North Carolina with his wife and two children.

Toby Baratta
Caffeine-Powered Empathy Engineer

Toby started learning to code making Neopets themes in 3rd Grade and hasn’t looked back since. She spent enough time on the internet to realize that not everything was designed with humans in mind – and like any other nerd with a problem, immediately tried to start solving it herself.  Before Stanza, Toby spent over five years working at Microsoft focusing on user and developer experiences. She worked on smash.gg, Office Extensibility, and School Data Sync - always the outspoken & scrappy developer arguing for the unpredictable user.
After work, you can usually find Toby still in front of a monitor (or three) working on esports broadcast productions or spoiling her two cats.


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