user experience aware reliability tools

for product and infra teams

Stanza keeps the most important features of your software running - no matter what your stack.

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stanza - a new way of working together

Historically, front end teams and back end teams have had very few ways of communicating about the state of infrastructure.

Stanza builds awareness throughout the stack.

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Front end teams define the priority of requests based on user need
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Back end teams integrate Stanza to serve requests in a prioritized fashion
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Stanza detects degradation of back end resources, and lets the client know

beat common failure modes

rate and concurrency limits

Ensure the most important requests are served by  Stripe, GitHub, OpenAI and others - instead of drowning in 429s

DATABASE saturation

Dynamically adapt traffic patterns to serve the most important queries. Shed load from the small stuff.

abusive users and features

Stop bad code changes, runaway scripts, and queries of death from blocking your users.

Deliver Seamless UI in Failure Scenarios with UI Toolkit

Instant error messages

Use Stanza's UI toolkit to deliver error messages to the user instantly - with scenario specific customizations!

Auto fail-outs

Get a message when the back end is broken, and automatically remove unnecessary UI features that will compound user perception of failure.

prioritized requests

Let the infra team know what requests are the main part of your app, and which are nice-to-have. Keep the critical requests succeeding!

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Decades of real world expertise - codified

The Stanza team has built and operated some of the most critical and successful systems on the Internet. We’ve had our engineering at the heart of Google, YouTube, Widevine, Amazon, Dropbox, Azure, Stripe, Slack–and more–at every layer of the stack, and across an array of industry and government sectors.

In addition, the Stanza team has written and contributed to the most influential books on reliability engineering in industry.

Stanza brings you decades of software, systems, and security engineering expertise, crystallized into code.