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Intelligent load management for your site’s ups and downs

Improve scalability and performance while managing multi-tenant or spiky traffic and noisy neighbor problems to provide exceptional customer experience with better resource utilization, reduced downtime, and faster recovery.


Intelligent auto-scaling by design

Stanza’s outbound guards protect backend services from cascading failures by load shedding on the client side. Now you can fade frontend components or throttle service to service connections to relieve overloaded backend services while they recover.


Design your failure modes

Prioritize user interactions based on business needs, such as customer IDs, features, or HTTP propagation methods. Your most important requests go through regardless of network, server or capacity conditions.


Automatically adapt to demand spikes

Stanza inbound guards allow you to level out resource consumption during sudden bursts of high traffic so that your servers are never starved for CPU or RAM. So now your systems stay up and healthy reducing on-call burden.


Prioritize key business pipelines

Stanza feature prioritization balances process demand to guarantee everyone has access to the services or resources they need to finish on time. Your users don’t have to suffer while you wait for your intensive batch data pipelines to complete.

Why Choose Us

Stanza’s platform allows you to guard any resource on the other side of a network connection: first or third party, web service or database, source-available or otherwise.

Protect revenue during capacity-related outages

Smooth out usage spikes

Reduce costs and save staff time

Make reliability targets

Ready to reclaim your reliability?