Intelligent load management for your site’s ups and downs

See how Stanza helps you scale effortlessly and provide an exceptional customer experience without costly infrastructure changes or extra team members.


Adaptive capabilities for improving resilience

Stanza creates feature flags on key features and auto monitors their performance. When there’s an issue, Stanza controls site functionality by dropping low priority features in favor of high priority features. This helps isolate issues and maintain a great customer experience.


Adapt compute power as needed

Whether you experience a 3rd party provider outage or find your brand at the center of the newest TikTok trend, Stanza ensures your critical user workflows succeed during times of high traffic. By prioritizing and protecting critical user journeys, you can ensure your customers have a positive experience.


Control load for third-party APIs

Now you can protect your site from exceeding the usage limits of third-party APIs. Stanza monitors your features third-party API hits and can throttle them during traffic spikes to save you from excessive usage and rate limiting.


Track 3rd party availability

Measure the availability you are getting from third-party APIs. If there’s an outage, Stanza provides a full breakdown of availability in order to help you get a refund.

    // Use ZenQuotes to get a random quote
    r.HandleFunc("/quote", func(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
        // Name the Stanza Guard which protects this workflow
        stz := stanza.Guard(ctx, "ZenQuotes")

        // Check for and log any returned error messages
        if stz.Error() != nil {
            logger.Error("ZenQuotes", zap.Error(stz.Error()))

        // 🚫 Stanza Guard has *blocked* this workflow, log the reason and return 429 status
        if stz.Blocked() {
            logger.Info(stz.BlockMessage(), zap.String("reason", stz.BlockReason()))
            http.Error(w, "Too Many Requests", http.StatusTooManyRequests)

        // ✅ Stanza Guard has *allowed* this workflow, business logic goes here.
        if resp, _ := http.Get(""); resp != nil {
            defer resp.Body.Close()

            // 🎉 Happy path, our "business logic" succeeded
            if resp.StatusCode == http.StatusOK {
                fmt.Fprintf(w, "❝%s❞ - %s\n", zq[0].Q, zq[0].A)

        // 😭 Sad path, our "business logic" failed
        http.Error(w, "Service Unavailable", http.StatusServiceUnavailable)

Why Choose Us

Stanza’s platform allows you to guard any resource on the other side of a network connection: first or third party, web service or database, source-available or otherwise.

Protect revenue during capacity-related outages

Smooth out usage spikes

Reduce costs and save staff time

Make reliability targets

Ready to reclaim your reliability?